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Our Mission

Our mission is to utilize fresh local food as a tool to empower, educate, and cultivate health in communities across our region. We promote the cultivation, purchase and consumption of fresh, local foods while simultaneously providing linkage to the other vital services and resources. Food is the tool we use to convene community members, bring in vital resources and foster overall community wellness. 


In all of our work, we make sure to engage the community. We work with, not for, communities, with the mindset that sustainability is ensured when the community has a sense of ownership over our work. We also form strategic partnerships with groups and individuals from the public, business and nonprofit sectors. It takes a village, and by working together, we are able to conserve resources while bringing in the services and expertise of a variety of like-minded stakeholders. 

Food Strong is dedicated to enhancing community wellness through fresh, local foods. We offer a variety of programs including the School Gardens, Care-A-Van, and the Care Strong Project, all designed to engage local neighborhoods through collaborative food and health-conscious education initiatives.

Click  here  to learn more about Food Strong’s programming.

"Being able to work with Food Strong mural project has been one of the best things I’ve been able to be involved in. I loved being a part of a positive force in the community."

                                              - Carson Bassett, Muralist


Our staff

Sara Continenza
Founder and Executive Director

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Stephanie Budd

Lead Educator

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Katie Signorelli

Executive Assistant

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Ruth Gray

VLRI Project Manager

Ursula McVey

Agricultural specialist

Sally Gabra

Community Outreach Manager


Brenna Dobos

Farm Manager

Ali Rosswurm

Americorp VISTA Member

Mikki Smith

Educational Associate

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Kyle Ratka

Property Manager 

board of directors

Nicole Salerno


Susan Carroll

Board Member

Mary K. Thomas

Board Member

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Caleb Curry

Board Member

Joseph Jerdonek

Vice President 

Marissa Gerdes


Ryan Krisby

Board Member

Benjamin Simmons

Board Member

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